E-Sky Technology™ Patent-Pending Infusion Technology home page.

Emerald Sky is the owner of E-Sky Technology™, a unique proprietary Infusion Technology created by founders Josh Taylor – Master Confectioner, and Nathan Wyss – Confection Engineer.

The E-Sky Technology™ process provides for the flawless infusion of Cannabis THC and CBD into the wide diversity of products that are manufactured by Emerald Sky.

Emerald Sky has now surpassed its unparalleled 31st month without a third-party lab fail and considers itself to be ‘post-fail’. Of course, manufacturing slip-ups can occur, but the E-Sky Technology™ process has already proven itself to be the most accurate infusion process in the world.  In a market where consumers are nervous about being overdosed by an Edible, our proprietary technology sets their minds at ease, knowing that every bite has a highly consistent level of infusion. And Emerald Sky is the only company that individually wraps every single candy and cookie it produces, which further protect the integrity of the infusion and the product itself.

E-Sky Technology™ is utilized to manufacture Peanut Butter Cups, Crème Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Gummies, Licorice and Hard Candies. And new product applications are currently being developed.

The Data Portal provides visibility of the live Infusion accuracy of E-Sky Technology™ as products are being produced.

The Data Portal Library contains the historical infusion posts of all batches produced, since the Data Portal was launched. And in 3 months’ time, E-Sky Technology™ Analytics will be launched, which will provide a thorough ongoing analysis of the technology performance.

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